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Gabriella Stazio
founded the Movimento Danza Company in 1981, starting a wide choreographic research and creative experimentation.
By crossing different genres and interacting with other artistic languages, the Company has always demonstrated extraordinary ductility in growth and shared stylistic and technical maturity: a synthesis in perfect harmony with the supervision by Gabriella Stazio and the personalities of the interpreters.

The Company has quickly set itself to the attention of public and critics at both national and international level, with successful performances, counting numerous encore performances and several RAI live worldwide broadcast.
Besides the major festivals and the major cities of Italy, the Company has performed in 30 Countries across the four Continents, i.e. in Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, United States, Tunisia and Venezuela.

The Company boasts many international collaborations, including the collaboration with the choreographer Mathilde Monnier, and countless collaborations with important Italian musicians, i.e. Pino Daniele, Roberto De Simone, Almamegretta, Riccardo Veno, Marco Sannino, Giulio Martino, Luigi Stazio and Arundo Donax. The Company also boasts collaborations with some artists from other fields, such as from cinema or figurative arts: Gloria Pastore, Marco Abbamondi, Gaetano Franzese, and the director Pappi Corsicato.

The performances created for archaeological sites, museums, parks and historic gardens, including the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, the Great Theater in Pompeii and the Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore in Naples are memorable, as well as the unique urban dance performances the Company has been performing from 1981 to today.

Among its choreographic performances, the most represented ones in Italy and abroad are in the ’80s: ‘Animali Incantati ‘, ‘Fratelli d’talia ‘, ‘Le tre melarance ‘, ‘Donne’; in the ’90s: ‘Kendang’, ‘Aria’, ‘Corpo in esposizione’, ‘La Gatta’, ‘La follia di Spagna’, ‘L’eure du berger’ , ‘Il fuoco del Vesuvio’; since 2000: ‘Entrante a vostro rischio’ , ‘Mille e una notte’ , ‘Guardami’, ‘Il canto delle mani’.

Recently the Company is working choreographic performances involving a huge number of dancers and performers, i.e. ‘ ZAC- Zona di Attacco Creativo’; choreographic performances to be performed in large settings and unusual places and this is the case of ‘Campanian Dance Road’; other choreographic performances in which the public is actively involved, and this is the case of ‘Coreografi per un giorno ‘.

In 2004, after the experience of the ‘Compagnia Movimento Danza’, a new project designed to launch younger dancers in theater life started: the ‘Performing Arts Group – Movimento Danza Youth Company‘.
The company is directed by Gabriella Stazio and has been redoing many choreographic performances of hers.
Moreover, the Performing Arts Group has already collected a lot of prestigious collaborations and, in 2015, it also won the ‘E45 Napoli Fringe Festival’, thanks to the choreography ‘Pinball’, written by Sonia Di Gennaro, one of the historical members of the main company.

The latest creation for Movimento Danza Company is ‘Place Is The Space – Live!‘: an artistic performance suspended between chaos and decision, freedom and pattern, contact and contrast.
Dancers interact on the fly with live music, using body and movement breaking the mold, in harmony with the place they are in, wherever it is – outdoor or indoor – without any scenic object, light effect nor costume.

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