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Theory of Swarm Intelligence

“Creativity begins where order and disorder meet”.
This is the core of the Theory of Swarm Intelligence – a theory referring to animal biology. The name of this theory is also the title of the latest choreography by Gabriella Stazio, created for the Movimento Danza Company with live original music by Matteo Castaldo.
The basic compositional concepts of the choreography are Swarm Intelligence-inspired. It means they are based on biological insights into the incredible ability to solve complex problems through ‘organization without organization’ that social insects, flocks of birds, shoals of fishes have. These colonies – counting a few animals or millions of individuals – show behaviors featuring a mix of efficiency, flexibility and robustness – although in the total absence of any leader.
An only insect is not able to find any efficient solution to a problem concerning the colony it belongs to; instead, the colony ‘as a whole’ is able to find the solution.
Behind this ‘organization without any organizer’ there are some hidden mechanisms which let us cope with situations of uncertainty and find solutions to very complex problems.
Therefore, in biology, collective behavior is a model of behavior by which a system of individuals reacts as a single organism to an external stimulus. This collective response is on the line between order and disorder.
Starting from this biological theory, the choreography shows and deepens the main concepts of Swarm Intelligence giving life to a ‘swarm choreography’.
It is obtained not only through the use of the body but also with the voice and the use of images created and projected live.
To reproduce the incredible abilities of flocks and colonies, the choreographer has opted for working simultaneously on multiple channels: lights, sound, movement and video.
Obviously, everything is live.
Avant-garde, innovation, research are the terms which guided Mrs. Stazio during the creation of her latest choreography.
Many choreographic indications are read randomly and directly on the stage without it being possible to foresee them either by the dancers, or by the choreographer. Indications propagate from dancer to dancer as in a ‘Chinese whispers’ game.

Can a group of artists be like a shoal of fishes or like a colony of insects in which interactions between subjects guarantee the propagation of information through a robust and flexible system?

The choreography is created under the gaze of the spectatoranswers Gabriella Stazio. Indeed, the dancers ‘translate’ right on the stage in front of the public the choreographic indications to be performed on the moment, according to collective behavior models based on the swarm intelligence theory, with hundreds of possible combinations.
A very neat swarm is not functional to one’s survival, just like a very messy one.
And the same is on the stage.
The pursuit of a dynamic balance between these two poles is an integral part of the search for the collective behavior of the dancers: the collective behavior of a swarm has its greatest chance of success in the face of a danger just when order and disorder meet.
Dancers create – like swarms do in nature – a stable network of connections in which no one is a leader and which is not created according to spatial proximity. Instead, the network is created thanks to the constant exchange of information through different channels such as the use of the body, movement, rhythm. This is essential for dancers as well as for swarms or shoals of fishes.
Each dancer elaborates the primary habitats of the choreography giving her own creative contribution which will be integrated into the collective rules of choreographic behavior identified in the research work.
The sounds produced by the choreography complement the soundtracks – ranging from Ligeti to Cage or Reich, to live original sound by Matteo Castaldo, to the sounds of swarms in nature.
Dark, light and dim light reveal the action in its entirety or in the partiality of the bodies, thanks to a game of perspectives made possible by the use of live cameras.

Choreography by Gabriella Stazio

Choreography by John Cage, György Ligeti, Iannis Xenakis, Oake, Orphx, Blush Response, Diego Stocco, Wrs

Live original music: Matteo Castaldo

Performers: Ana Cotorè, Valeria D’Antonio, Sonia Di Gennaro, Simona Perrella, Luana Rossetti

Producers: Movimento Danza – National Promotion Body, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Region of Campania

Duration: approximately 50 minutes

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Place Is The Space – Live!

The meaning of what we do is in the eyes of the beholder”
Place Is The Space – Live!
is the new choreography by Gabriella Stazio for the Movimento Danza Company, one of the most important and awarded contemporary dance company in Italy, based in Naples.
Swinging between fortuity and definition, freedom and patterns, contact and contrast, Place Is The Space – Live! is a performance created for both indoor stages and open spaces.
It is a compact and captivating choreography, featuring an outside the box use of the body and of the movement, where space is the place.
The compositional concepts at the base are a few and clear.
The “NO Manifesto” by Yvonne Rainer as he says No to spectacle, No to virtuosity, No to make-believe, No to heroic, No to seduction, and so on.
The aleatory theory by Cunningham-Cage on the relationship between music and dance for which choreography starts without music, having its own space, rhythm, autonomy, its own inner rhythm. The rhythm of the bodies. The match with the musicians sprouts as Live!, on the stage, as a succession of live music improvisation.
The experimentation of the space as the place where movement takes place. As the place of the relations. As the place where to be oneself. Inside and outside.
And a narration of both emotional and physical states taken to the “pivotal point” resulting in the transition to the next ambient.
A meticulous choreography in which nothing is improvised but which is still open and leaves space to the Instant Composition by the interpreters, dancers Valeria D’Antonio, Sonia Di Gennaro and Simona Perrella.
Between space, pattern, mold, quality, rhythm, dynamics, experimentation with the language of movement: from time to time one of these elements undergoes the creativity of the Company, (Live!) according to the “swarm intelligence” in which sharing, cooperation and self-organization set a complex action resulting from a collective intelligence.
Annihilated any chance of a “prefabricated” performance, what we perform – with no objects on the stage, no use of lighting effects, no costumes nor multimedia supports – is an immediate spectacularity described by live music and the contemporary vitality of the bodies.

Choreography by Gabriella Stazio

Performers: Valeria D’ Antonio, Sonia Di Gennaro, Simona Perrella

Live music: Drunk Goat Live Progress
Matteo Castaldo (noises and samples), Giosi Cincotti (keyboards e digitals looper), Luigi Stazio (electric guitars, slides, ebow), Nando Trapani (tenor sax)

Durata: about 50 minutes

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